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Caelorum Gratia (“For the Skies”) is a tactical, fast-paced action game for one or two players. In the distant future humanity has scattered across countless planets with no central government, because interstellar travel is possible only with special ships of unknown origins. Those houses, organizations and other factions lucky(?) enough to be in possession of such a ship are trapped in an eternal struggle. The feudal landlords of the planets are erratic with their allegiance… Can a single ruler ever unite all the constellations?

The first prototype of the game was developed for Ludum Dare 30 game development competition. The theme was “Connected Worlds”, and the game’s original name was “Connection Chase”. Out of 1,493 48-hour compo entries the game reached the ranking #110 in “Overall”, #19 in “Theme” and #67 in “Fun”.

The game was later renamed and expanded during a game course in the University of Helsinki.

I haven’t stopped the development here: upcoming features include new playable characters, more advanced level generation, new graphics, better AI, more music, story and arcade modes and online multiplayer with leaderboards. Stay tuned! :D

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TIP: You can select a new target even if your ship hasn’t yet reached its destination. Use this to make the most of your time.


There are three victory conditions:

  1. The first player to gain control of 85% of the planets wins
  2. If the time runs out, the player with the most planets wins
    • In case of a tie, the one with more combat strength wins
    • If the ships have equal combat strength, the faster one wins
  3. The player who makes their opponent’s ship’s health hit zero wins


When the ships collide on the same course, they fight. The one with the most combat strength wins. If the ships have equal combat power, the slower one wins. The loser loses one health point and must return to their homeworld.


All activated abilities have cooldowns that are longer than their effect. You can only use your ability if you have your homeworld (your starting planet) under your control.

The Old King
Activate the ability to temporarily slow down your opponent
The Rebellious Baroness
Activate the ability to temporarily weaken your opponent’s combat strength
The Malevolent Cardinal
Activate the ability on a planet to temporarily lock it down and prevent access to it
The Marauding Knight
Activate the ability to turn all enemy planets adjacent to yours neutral
The Mercantile Marchioness
Activate the ability to temporarily prevent your opponent from conquering planets
The Ingenious Guildmaster
Passive ability: each planet conquered grants a 1 % speed bonus